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"68 Scholars": Ocean Hill-Brownsville today

Below is an example of how the spirit of the educational justice  at Ocean Hill Brownsville have been carried forward in contemporary activist-scholarship.

 Critical Reflections with the "68" Scholars


During the 2012-13 school year recent NYU graduates Rosa Hwang, Alfredo  Novoa (pictured, right), and Cory Green (pictured, left) worked with a group of 8th graders ("'68 Scholars") who attended the flagship school (JHS 271- now Mott Hall IV) involved the historical 1968 Ocean-Hill Brownsville conflict.


The project "Critical Reflections with the "68" Scholars " used the 1968 Ocean-Hill Brownsville conflict as a launching pad to discuss the intersections of Race, Education, (In)Equality, Social Justice, and Action. The ultimate goal of the project was to provide a space and opportunity for youth to start/continue thinking critically of education, and connect historical inequalities and injustices to contemporary struggles and resistance.